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“Tiny House with Big Dream” started with the simple idea of giving back, and magnificently grew from there. Its dream was more than just creating a beautiful home, but to substantially affect the lives of veterans and their families.

Now you have an opportunity to contribute to the tiny house dream. Your bid will make a huge difference across the Oregon veterans community. After 4 months of blood, sweat, and tears, tiny house with a big dream grew from an ambitious idea to reality, with:

  • More than 50 companies donating their time, labor, and materials
  • $100,000 and counting in donations
  • Collaboration of 130+ volunteers
  • Thousands of hours of labor and design
  • 234+ products donated and implemented

There was nothing tiny about this historic endeavor. It has all the nuts and bolts of our 5,200 square foot english farmhouse, just strategically laid out in a smaller space. “Tiny House with a Big Dream” is not only a unique, historical moment, but it is the story of an entire community coming together to make a positive difference.

Now, the public has the amazing opportunity to purchase this one-of-a-kind piece of art. Will you help Tiny House achieve its dream?

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“It’s amazing to see the community coming together and donating their own time and money to go toward benefiting others. As a Veteran myself, my heart really resonated with this project and the charity behind it.”

Pat Fitzgerald

“My goal is to increase awareness of the needs of our Veterans and their families and connect that cause to the generosity of our local construction industry. It’s not always about building the big homes.”

Gerald Rowlett
Westlake Development

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